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Hi we have contacted the support on Woofunnels because we experienced some errors on on Checkout Page. They emailed us and it says:

"Hello Jepril,

Sorry for the delay in response here.

We found the core reason for this failure, its because of this script embedded in the checkout settings

You can see in the screenshot that this request to save settings with this script is failing as the Cloudflare firewall prevent this call to run.
This is why the ‘Save Settings’ call is failing because the call is blocked by the Cloudflare script.

I think you should contact Cloudflare support in order to get a solution for not to block the API Call.

Hope it helps. Let us know if any further queries."

Please help us on this matter. Thank you!

That looks like the Clouflare Firewall (not a script) is blocking that request. This should show up in the Firewall Event Log in your Cloudflare dashboard. Click on the event, and it should show you which Cloudflare setting is blocking your action.

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Hello, can you show a screenshot where can I find it? Thanks!

You can even search by that Ray ID or IP address.

Hi Cloudflare,

This is the reply on the support of Woofunnels:

"Hello Jepril,

We are doing hard to get this done and troubleshoot with this.

The request is blocked by Cloudflare, ( when we add a custom script in global checkout with “script tag”,

The solution is to allow our “” API, from Cloudflare

We had tried at our end to added some custom rule, but it’s not working. (

We need the Cloudflare technical support team member to discuss this. Can you please raise a joint ticket at your end with Cloudflare. You can use our email [email protected] to keep in CC. We will take care further."

May you help us on this issue. Thank you!

I’m sorry, but if you can’t find the entry in the firewall log, I can’t offer any possible solutions.