Surprise Late usage charges on R2 invoice

I have opened a ticket for this but thought id also ask here first. Ive had an invoice today that included $36 for usage from Feb to March. I had an invoice back then and was charged accordingly and now Im getting these late usage charges for R2 usage. Im not sure why Cloudflare seems to be adding charges months down the line. I do not think its very fair to give surprise bills. I follow my usage and know what my bill will be at the end of the month. Ticket 3277765

Sorry for the issues, I have flagged your ticket 3277765 for my Billing colleagues

Are they going to respond ? Its now been 3 days since I sent the ticket in.

Requests are worked in the order they are received. I don’t have any visibility into the support workload, but I expect they are extremely busy right now based on public activity here in the Community. You should receive a response when your request is being worked.