Support with Editing TXT

Hi all,

I am a GoDaddy customer. They tell me that my TXT on Cloudflare needs to be updated. Apparently, my nameservers are with Cloudflare, despite my domain being with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy says that tech support at Cloudflare are responsible for adding the records. I have the new info that needs to be added.

I can’t see where to reach someone who can do this for me. I’d truly appreciate it if someone could direct me.

Thank you!

Hello there,
You can help yourself by logging into and modify the TXT records.

Thanks Neiljay… it is asking me to add a site. This type of work is really unfamiliar to me. Is there really no one at Cloudflare who can take care of it?

This is absolutely not true. Cloudflare Support will not makes changes to customer accounts. As @neiljay said, this has to be done by the user via the Dashboard (or API).

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With the statement I understand that you’ve a website where its DNS records are managed at the Cloudflare. Question is are you aware about it?

If you are sure, the community here can help you with sorting out the issue. You’ll have to specify what’s exactly the issue. You can always look for answers by :search: or using #tutorial

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