Support website thinks my name is my CFOs name

After adding the company’s Paypal account to my Global Admin account, Cloudflare has decided I’m called Helga (the company CFO) despite my profile info and has started sending me e-mails addressing me as her and showing her name on the top of the

Additionally I can’t contact anyone from Cloudflare support without posting to this public forum about this nitpick.


You can :slight_smile:

Login to
Click in your name in the top right corner ansld select “My activities & requests” or send an Email to [email protected]… from your account email.

This is nothing the community can Help with unfortunately :frowning:


Thanks for the tip, I somehow missed that I was able to create a ticket with them :flushed:

Support replied and we can actually change this ourselves in API. So I’m leaving this tip here for the next person:

curl -sX PATCH "" -H "content-type: application/json" -H "x-auth-email: [email protected]" -H "x-auth-key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -d '{"first_name":"Frodo","last_name":"Baggins"}'

If it helps: You are not alone! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for letting us know. :+1:

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