Support ticket on free account 7 days and counting for a response

After a 2fa snafu I’m locked out of my account. I followed the instructions on the 2fa support page and emailed all the info required.

7 days later all I’ve had is the automated initial response.

How long does it normally take for a free account to get help? This seems crazy-long (even Google does better).

Is there any other way of getting CF’s attention?


Automated responses usually say something like “if this doesn’t answer your question, reply and a human will look into it and get back to you.” So give that a try.

Also, if you post the ticket # here, a moderator will probably see it and take a look.

All I got was

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support!

Your request (#1758724) has been submitted and a Technical Support Engineer will be contacting you soon. Priority is given to Enterprise, Business and Pro customers, in that order.

I’ve replied several times requesting an update with no response.

Paging Dr. @cloonan :stethoscope:


His pager seems to have a flat battery :grinning:

I have finally been contacted after harassing in multiple ways.

A warning to anyone on the free plan: you get what you pay for.

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