Support ticket keeps showing it's updated, with no reply

I’d normally bump my ticket by replying, but I don’t want to be pushed further down the queue. Similarly, I don’t want to make another ticket to ask about the ticket as that would just clog up the ticket queue.

I have seen the ‘last updated’ time update a few times, but I see no responses to the request. I assume the request is bouncing to and from different staff members which is not visible to me.

Can someone clarify? :slight_smile:

id #1902886

Hi @D_R,

The updated time does generally mean that activity is happening on the ticket, and that a response is probably on the way! Can I ask what plan you are on and how long the ticket has been open? We can’t see your account or tickets, but one of the mods may have a look for you.


I’m on a Pro plan and I’ve been waiting about 2 or 3 days for a response. It’s not really urgent, but good to know that help is on the way. Thanks

Hi @D_R, I see the ticket and your reply from over the weekend. I don’t think the tickets bouncing between Engineers as it’s owned by the person that replied on Friday. I’ll add myself to the ticket and keep an eye out on progress.


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