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I need to co tact the SUPPORT TEAM URGENTLY. Why does it send me here? I need to speak to support

Because for free plans the support is Community-based. What’s the issue?

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My emails are going to my clients spam. I’ve contacted google workspace, they sent me to squarespace. I contacted squarespace, they told me the issue is on your site.
It’s been two days back and forth already and no one seems to want to help me to sort out this issue, while I’m loosing clients…
My website is martailardophotography dot com and my email is marta at martailardophotography dot com

I would be very grateful for help to finally sort it out. Thank you!

I am sorry to be the next one to send you in circles, but Cloudflare doesn’t handle e-mails in your case, just DNS records relating to e-mails.

I see you are using Google Workspace, you need to finish configuring it as there are missing records.
I’d look into SPF and DKIM records to start, but they need to be provided by your e-mail vendor (technically Google Workspace).

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But I’ve already talked to them! They can’t help me because the problem is in your end

But I can confirm it is not on Cloudflare’s end.

You are missing DNS records to validate sent e-mails, which you need to add to Cloudflare’s DNS following the instructions Google Workspace provides.

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Great. Everyone is sending me away. Super helpful, thanks

Unfortunately there is literally nothing I can do. I can point you to the solution, but I can’t add the records myself (don’t have access as I’m not staff, nor Cloudflare Staff would act on your behalf per policy if avoidable) nor have any idea what they should be as Google Workspace needs to tell you their own configuration.

Thanks Matteo. I went back to squarespace (google washed its hands twice already) and now they’re asking me for a screenshot of my DNS panel on my domain provider’s end. Which is here.
Could you tell me where can I even find it?

(They shouldn’t need a screenshot as the records can be queried by them very easily, more than asking you for a screenshot)

It’s here :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!
And I’m really sorry for being rude/grumpy. I was at the hight of frustration. I’m still there, but it’s not your fault!
I’ll probably keep you posted, I’ve got a feeling the case is not going to be solved by them.

No worries, I know how things get :slight_smile:

Do tell them about the records I mentioned, if they keep going round.
SPF records are normally per provider, so you should be able to find them in Google’s docs, but given the Squarespace inclusion something might be different.
DKIM is per account, so they need to provide it.


Me again :wink: I’m back at square one again. Google workspace still refuses to help, as I bought it from Squarespace. Squarespace cannot help, as domain is with Cloudflare. And I can’t do the SPF and other letters :wink: by myself, as I’m a technical idiot. I tried, but I really don’t understand it.
Now I can see two options - I pay someone to sort it out for me or I transfer the domain to Squarespace, so they can do it for me.
Now, to transfer the domain, I need to unlock it and get the authorisation code. How do I do it?

I find this is usually the best solution as it typically saves immense frustration and time.

Your domain is registered with an OpenSRS reseller which makes it difficult for the Cloudflare Community to provide you with an accurate procedure. Note that OpenSRS support can only assist the domain reseller, not the registrant.

gosh, so I’ve entered another level of ■■■■ wanting to move the domain to Squarespace? How fantastic LOL. How did you find a trusted person to share all your passwords with?

While it can be necessary to grant someone access for certain tasks, it should not be required for creating SPF and DKIM records. That route should be quicker and less disruptive than transferring the domain.

Do you have any friends or colleagues that could recommend someone they trust? Are you a member of any area chambers of commerce or professional associations in your trade?

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