Support team is useless in solving urgent issues


About a year ago, we changed the email in our account, but cloudflare continued to send emails regarding payments to the old email, which no one checked for a long time. at the same time, the account has been logged in for a year using a new address.

2 weeks ago, cloudflare was unable to charge the payment (about $2000) from our company’s card for a reason that is not clear to us (previously, they had successfully charged the same card for 5 years) and we only found out about this problem 6 days ago (when it became necessary for us to make changes to the firewall rules, but we could not do it). I tried to manually initiate a re-charge, but got an error. Then I sent a support ticket, but I couldn’t get into the list of all my cases (when I went to the list of all my support tickets, I was constantly redirected to the login form).

Having received no response from support, I tried to add a new payment card, but when I tried to add it, I received an error “Refer to https: for assistance. For security reasons, there is a problem with your billing profile. (Code: 1292)”

at the moment I can’t make any changes to the WAF rules and I can’t manage any firewall settings at all.

Now I can’t get any clear answer, I get only this for all my support requests:
Hi there
We have previously escalated this request onto our Trust and Safety Team. It is currently being reviewed and Trust and Safety will reach out to you as soon as possible, and will help to address your request.

Please note that our support team will not be able to assist you with this query nor can expedite it. We ask you to please be patient and await the response from our Trust and Safety Team.

best regards,
Justin | Cloudflare Support

Just accept the payment or let us add a new payment card!!!

Answer is clear, you just don’t like it.


yes, i don’t like these vague answers because i don’t understand how cloudflare can respond like that to companies that have been paying them money for years.

I wait until Monday, if I don’t get any clear answer, I will transfer the entire infrastructure to competitors.

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