Support team cancelled my APO subscription without ask me

I had an open ticket with the support team about APO. But they didn’t respond for 10 days. Meanwhile I found here, in the forum a solution and problem resolved, by activating a subscription for APO.
Yesterday, after 10 days of silence, the support team decided to give a reponse to my ticket and they cancelled my new subscription without ask me anything! This is crazy!
The just created a new problem. I already messaged them, asking to re-activate my subscription (I tried to rea-activate but I can’t) and I am not sure if they will read my ticked after 10 days.

Do you have any idea how to find them as soon as possible?

Hi @armyvoicegr,

Have you replied to the ticket? If you have, it should be open and waiting for a reply. Can you post the ticket number here?

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ticket number #2157017 , created 22 days ago. I replied today

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I tried to re-activate the subscription, without success

Dear valued customer,

You recently tried to purchase, change, or cancel a Cloudflare subscription. Unfortunately, due to an issue in our system, we were not able to complete the process. Please reach out to [email protected] so we can assist you with this issue.

Thank you for using Cloudflare.

Thanks for the extra info. Hopefully your ticket is already in the right queue.

Just in case it’s not, @Laurie could you check #2157017 if you’re online later, please?

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Hi @armyvoicegr,

I have reviewed the multiple tickets you created as well as the multiple replies from our team. It is very unclear whether you were wanting to retain or remove the APO services, as this is the case our team in an attempt to assist you removed the service from your account. If you wish to have the APO services, please re-order the plan within your dashboard.


Hi @armyvoicegr,
You previous post here indicated that you were wanting to cancel the APO


I never said that I want to cancel APO. When I opened the ticket I didn’t have a subscription. It was clear. The post you mentioned is 23 days ago, when I tried to find the problem. In that time I didn’t have a subscription

After 10 days without any news from the support team, I found the solution in the forum.

The solution was to activate APO, and control when it is active or not.

I bought a subscription 5 days ago, and it worked.

But yesterday Gloria from the tech team decided to cancel the subscription… But I never asked to cancel the subscription. Now I have exactly the same problem! I tried to re-activate the subscription but it was impossible.

Could you please re-activate it ?

Your post clearly says you want to deactivate APO. And you were concerned because it wasn’t supposed to have APO in the Free account.

So we’re just just clear on what you really want. If you want APO up and running, that’s not what you were posting about.

Make up your mind.

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@ sdayman yes because I HAD a PRO subscription before the ticket . I turned to a free account but APO was active. The day I openned the ticket 23 days ago, APO was still active, without a subscription, like today.

After 18 days without a solution, I found in the forum a suggestion to bought a subscription just for APO 5$ and control when is active or not.

I bought just APO 5 days ago. (29 May) You can check it. I never asked anything about the subscription. Now I don’t have a subscription, because the support team cancelled, without ask me, and I still have APO, with a free account. The problem is that I can’t turn it off, because I don’t have a subscription and I can’t re-activate it. Means I turned back to the situation 23 days ago

Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2021-06-04 173808

That’s why I ask you to re-activate the APO subscription.

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Hi @armyvoicegr,

We cannot manually reactivate the service, you will need to re-order from the dashboard within your account.

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@Laurie Thank you for your time. I will do it, when your system is ok.

For the moment, could you please just de-activate APO from my free account?

Because it is still active and I don’t have access to de-activate it

Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης 2021-06-04 173808

Sorry for any confusion regarding the decline email, I would recommend that you contact your payment method provider, so that you can go forward with your order.


@Laurie thank you. Meanwhile, could you please deactivate APO from my free account because I don’t have access to do it by my own?

@Laurie How is the situation now. Support confirmed that cancelled the subscription for APO and there is no APO subscription active

Although, APO is still active on the website

I bought the APO subscription in order to turn OFF APO. When the support cancelled my subscription without inform me, we started from the beginning of the problem 23 days ago.


I do not have an update for you at this time. Please address your issues through the ticket so that the support team can further assist you.

APO is not active on this website, but Cloudflare – WordPress plugin | is still installed on your WordPress (see the bottom line “WordPress plugin successfully detected”) and notice the [Purchase] button.

You can further confirm via the headers. Per :

When the integration is working, the page is cached with cf-cache-status: HIT and cf-apo-via: tcache

whereas on your screen capture we see cf-cache-status: BYPASS and cf-apo-via: origin,cookie.

If you wish to re-enable APO, please complete the purchase workflow again.

Thank you for the reply. I am 100% sure, WordPress plugin is not installed. I deleted it.