Support svcks

I would like to express my profound disappointment as a SMB owner, long-time Cloudflare user, and small investor in NET.

For over a decade, I have been using Cloudflare for my personal websites and was an enterprise customer for one of my business that I no longer own. Last year, I decided that my other business should became a fully paid customer for both web services and Zero Trust, not an enterprise customer this time.

After enjoying several uneventful months, I encountered some issues while connected to the WARP client. I promptly reported these through a support ticket, and they were resolved within a few days without any explanation. I subsequently closed the ticket. However, when I faced additional problems that could not be resolved by merely waiting, I reported them and discovered the unfortunate reality:

Cloudflare’s support sucks, especially for those who are not part of a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

It took seven days for support to respond, suggesting that I had a VPN based solely on the ps process display. This showed a process belonging to a VPN software that was not active at the time, rendering it irrelevant.

Naturally, I clarified that there was no active VPN connection and that the routing table should have already demonstrated this. However, support has not provided any further assistance, and it has been six days.

This experience has led me to conclude that:

a) One can only hope for the best and rely on luck to have issues resolved independently.
b) Only by being a large corporation and paying for the premium enterprise plan, which costs over $10,000, can one expect a non-■■■■ support.

If you believe that paying for support will provide you with a reliable contact for addressing your concerns, you may end up as disappointed as I am.

I still love Cloudflare for their great network, technology, vision, flexibility, but I’m just not very happy about this support fact.


Good support is expensive. I find that it can help with the frustration by trying to envision what level of support you could personally provide at the rate of your subscription.

I often recall a time that I objected to a particular line item rate on an estimate from an automotive dealer’s service department. The charge seemed excessive to me for something seemingly so simple as changing spark plugs, an item which by itself is relatively inexpensive. I authorized the shop to complete the repairs, with the exception of that one service item. I opted to perform that maintenance myself. I successfully completed the task. During the procedure, I gained the realization that I would never consider performing that routine for someone else for even so much as a penny less than the amount in the estimate.

In world where the “race to the bottom” has become an accepted norm across many industries, Cloudflare appears to provide considerably better support than that approach would require.


Yes, I understand your point. I failed to remark this: There’s support as in “Help me with something I need to accomplish” and there’s support as in “I’m reporting that some of your products are having issues here and there, and here’s the proof”.

I’m not looking for help, just reporting something’s broken.