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We have not set-up our Cloudflare account yet. i’m a bit wary as we have quite a lot of traffic and integrations on our website / domain name.

All our company mail goes through google and our marketing integrations happen through hubspot. Which are currently set-up in our DNS.

I’m a bit worried that something might go wrong when taking over all the DNS settings on Cloudflare set-up. I have done Cloudflare set-up a few times, but in this case, there are quite a lot of consequences ton downtime.

Is there any way to get some support (paying) on set-up to troubleshoot if anything might go wrong?


If you ignore all of the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ this is a relatively comprehensive guide to changing your nameservers… (really starts at about the 5 minute mark). The UI has changed a bit since it was recorded, but the fundamental process has not.

The only thing I would add to the video is you likely want to start with all records as :grey: for the lowest risk of downtime and if you are un a business plan or higher you could upload your own SSL cert to Cloudflare’s edge prior to changing the nameservers.

Pay particular attention to the bit about importing from a BIND file / triple checking the key DNS records exist in Cloudflare and are correct. Oh and… the bit about copy/paste. :smiley:


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