Support says my site does not have a DNS record and needs to be added

I do not know what to add or what is important. This is not my area of expertise. While I may need to add something, it is not obvious to a novice what is needed. My site was transferred to cloudflare and has never worked. I am sure it is quick and easy to fix, however I need all the info to do it and from someone who knows this stuff, if anyone can help.

You need to obtain the exact DNS records for your website from your hosting provider. Then follow the Cloudflare documentation below to add the DNS info you obtained:

If you need further help with this, please provide:

  1. Your domain name (website address)
  2. Your website’s hosting provider
  3. Who this “support” you mentioned is, if that’s different from your hosting provider.

Standing by.

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Thank you. I am not sure who the host site is? I started with namecheap for the domain name and transferred to cloudflare per the other site I am running the site on. Maybe that is the one that is the host? I will look for that site. The support I mentioned was from cloudflare. is where my site goes through. I guess that is the host. They at that site said I need to add 2 records. Cname which I did this one and it went through fine. Continued-

The second one was CNAME www it did not go through. there was an error saying An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. continued-

For more details, refer to (Code:81053) I guess I will Try to discover the error. I hope I can hear your opinion. Oh maybe it matters- there was already a record there which was A www I maybe that was the conflict
Thank you for your help.

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Thank you George. The site is up now. Finally after months. Thanks for your help.

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