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I made a ticket asking some information regarding the business plan, however, it been nearly 24 hours with no response, is there a dedicated team for sales that is not just enterprise? I may have opened the ticket on a only-tech section.


They have a sales phone number on their website and an email address: sales AT cloudflare DOT com

Thank you for that email! I thought it would be only for enterprise sales.

I tried out that email and the responses look like a bot, no human touch but links to URLs that have nothing to do with the questions I asked, kinda upsetting :sweat:.

Yeah unfortunately they introduced BOT responses about a year ago, you need to reply to the BOT response to actually get a human’s attention.

I got in touch with a human, who forwarded me to somebody else, who seems to be a bot.
The whole situation is kinda funny, basically the end of the message says “phone us if you are interested in enterprise”
I can totally understand that for $200 getting full support is impossible, however, the current status is with all possible respect, a joke.

If whoever human took the time to answer my 3-4 questions then this would have of been solved already but to be honest I’m not too sure I want to trust the reliability of our site knowing that the support can act this way.

Your questions have now been answered.


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