Support response time unacceptably long


My support ticket that requires assistance (problem with European registrar) has been sitting there unanswered for 3 (three) days now.

I’m in the free tier, where response time should be 24 hours. I was considering moving all my domains here but my trust in the level of the service is shattered.

With something as critical as DNS, this is not acceptable.

My ticket ID: #2027997

Thank you

Hello Community,

I heard a lot of great things about Cloudflare. I was planning to migrate all my domains’ DNS here. Now I’m not so sure.

The reason I registered to the community was to escalate my support ticket that has been sitting there unanswered for 3 (three!) days. Maybe someone notices.
@ryan maybe?

Ticket ID: #2027997

Thank you!

Calling @cloonan. Once you realize the issue maybe split it as well… can’t give a title yet.

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You should have at least received an automated response. Did you reply to it to let them know you still need help? That should escalate it to a human.

Yes, 3 days ago I replied to the automated response.
I replied again just now, I hope a human will see it this time.

Thank you for the tip.


Still nothing. I have posted in the community twice. I replied to the same ticket.
I even wrote Cloudflare on Facebook.

4 days and counting.

I’m pretty sure that Cloudflare works flawlessly in an automated fashion 99% of the time, but what happens if there is a problem? No human has looked at my ticket for four days.

This is how much they value their users.

This is honestly sad that a market leading company can treat users like this. If 99% of the users don’t have any problems ever, they don’t care about the remaining who might incur significant business losses.

Hi @user9065, sorry did not receive the automatic reply indicating you’re not the zone owner. Can you contact Support from the email address associated with the domain in question and reference the existing ticket number? I’ll merge the tickets and make sure they’re in the appropriate queue. I’ve added myself to the ticket and have added notes & link to this thread.


Hi @cloonan,

Thank you for your reply.

after waiting almost 5 days (and bumping the ticket twice), I gave up. I moved the domain somewhere else.

Even though first impression can be made only once (and Cloudflare made the worst first impression possible) I’m considering giving the service another chance with other domains.

In the future, what should I do if I no human has looked at my ticket for 24 hours?
Bumping the same ticket doesn’t work. Should opening another one referencing the previous one put it in front of human eyes?

Thank you.

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From @cloonan’s message it seems to me you wrote an email to support from an address not associated to any account, that was the original issue (and then it seems like there was no message telling you this, but I can’t check personally).

It’s extremely rare for tickets to go unhadled for days. This would have never gone to a human as it was the wrong email.

@matteo I replied from the exact address that is associated with the account (once).
I did the second bump directly from the support website. (

Both messages are visible on the support site (the ticket is still open, the only interaction from Cloudflare is the automatic bot response)

When you say it’s extremely rare, I believe you. It is just very frustrating that it happened to 100% of my tickets :slight_smile:

Hi @user9065, I am really very sorry for this frustration. Unfortunately, I cannot see the reply you mentioned, but wrt:

…+1, yes, a reply from that email would be helpful.

Oh please don’t, multiple tickets just slows down & confuses the process for you and everyone else. It is best to first post here as the Community is very responsive and even bump it here if it looks to be ignored or missed. I’m around a lot as are my colleagues from Cloudflare Customer Support. And, the @MVP are great at bumping posts for our attention.


Thank you for the tips!

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