Support Request - DNS not updating


We have some issues with Cloudflare, we have changed the DNS to Dreamhost nameservers but the domain is still using Cloudflare’s, it’s been several weeks since then but they have never updated, can anyone help?

Our domain is legalbyte dot io

Thanks for the prompt response, how can we replicate the settings?

I use Dreamhost for a few of my sites and I just copy the settings from the Dreamhost console for the sites I host there (e.g. the A record for a wordpress site). Briefly looked at this article, I think it covers the basics of that:


Just to additionally note, the settings you would be copying FROM is in Cloudflare → Website → DNS → Records

All these record you would presumably add to Dreamhost via the tutorial provided above.
Assuming your NameServer is currently Dreamhost.


Thanks for the information, we will check with Dreamhost. Would you mind deleting the thread? thank you.

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