Support on Cloudflare Images (paid product)?

I’m frustrated. We’re trialling Cloudflare Images for our product, currently in MVP, and seeing several serious bugs in production. We’re paying for this product, and our usage will scale after we launch. But I can’t contact any form of actual Cloudflare Support.

Is there a way to at least file bugs other than this community portal, which also very rarely gets any answers?

I understand this can be frustrating.

You can reach out to support via a ticket or describe the bugs you face in this post.

I’d argue the community is the best way to get support; some topics do not receive attention due to numerous reasons that vary from other topics receiving attention to MVPs/the community ignoring them due to the lack of information.

To give an example, out of this post, I know that you are upset, and I know the affected product, but I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with them; it makes sense for other people of the community to shrug it and move on with another topic that has progress and information on them.

In other posts you made, some descriptions would cover the second requirement, however; the rest I’d argue was never provided in any of your posts.
The community is mainly run by volunteers that won’t be able to help you directly if there is an actual bug/glitch on Cloudflare. However, we can escalate and ping the right people to look at the issues you are facing if we have enough information.


Thanks for the detailed reply. I’ve made the call to migrate away from Cloudflare Images to another provider, mods feel free to close this!

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