Support on a DMCA copyright infringement complaint

Hello, Cloudflare Community and Team Support

I have sent a DMCA copyright infringement complaint on your website, and according to the email response, Cloudflare has notified the customer of my report and forwarded to the responsible hosting provider. I have sent an email providing all related information to the hosting provider such as screen capture, domain associated with an IP address, infringing URL, contact information, identification of the copyrighted work and other relevant documentation, but since 5 september of 2.022 (date of my first notice), the hosting provider has not updated me about my takedown request, i have not received any emails and the content is still alive on the domain where the content is located. Both do not return to my removal request.

I really would like you guys to help me in this case because I really don’t know what else to do. I don’t have financial conditions to use the resources of dmca(dot)com.

Well, if the host is not under US jurisdiction, DMCA will be pointless to begin with.

That being said, you will have to follow up with the responsible team at Cloudflare as the community has no details on that and unfortunately cannot help you. So it is best you reply to the ticket you opened and clarify this with the team directly.

Of course, you can also seek legal assistance and go through a lawyer or local law enforcement if that is applicable.

Hello, Sandro,

How do I contact the Cloudflare team support related to DMCA?
I only submitted an abuse report and received the email from Cloudflare informing the hosting provider contact.

That is essentially what you have to do. Simply respond to the ticket you received. But again, DMCA might not even be applicable.

I am afraid you really have to follow up with the team and the community cannot advise you here.

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