Support of multiple domains using Cloudflare Saas and Cloudfront


We consider using [Cloudflare for Saas] ( to allow our customers to use their own subdomains and point it to our CNAME.

We currently using Cloudfront (AWS) as our CDN. the problem we see is that the traffic is getting to Cloudfront, but the Host headers being sent are of our customers, and not our fallback.

Is there any solution to always send the “Host” header of our fallback so Cloudflare can serve the content in our Cloudfront without us updating and maintaing a list of “allowed domains” (Alternate names I guess) in Cloudfront (AWS, CDN) ?

Host header override is possible on an Enterprise plan.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply.

So in order to use Cloudfront which requires a valid Host header, I will have to actually use some kind of reverse proxy in between or something to modify Host header as Enterprise plan here isn’t an option for us right now.

Using Workers might be an option as well:

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