Support- not so much


So tell me how ridiculous this is. See attached email. It says if I need any help just reply to the email and reach support, blah blah blah.

However, it’s a no-reply email. I didn’t realize and tried to reply for help and it kicked back. I’m testing their service on my web hosting site become if it works I intend on buying it for all of my customers and offering it as part of hosting.

I did finally figure out how to send a request to support but somebody please tell them to remove that from a welcome email
If it actually doesn’t work.


whoops definitely an oversight by cloudflare !


To send a response to a no-reply address? :wink:

But yeah, I agree, Cloudflare should probably change that phrasing.


On a scale of 1-10 of the ridiculous things Cloudflare does… probably a .5. We do waaaaaay more ridiculous things than this. But that’s for the report, I’ve passed it along to our team to update the language. :wink:


That would be nice. I am testing this to see if I want to offer it to all my customers. Rather than them do it themselves. Not a good first experience if that is what my customers will go through as well.


If a misphrased sentence referring to a noreply address already constitutes a bad experience with a service you better disconnect that Internet cable straight away :wink:


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