Support not responding since 2 weeks

Hello, I have kind of an urgent issue to solve, which is recovering my lost account with my domain and payment info stored, and for some reason nobody bothers to respond to my support ticket. It has been 14 days since I created it, and the estimated response time is “within 3 - 4 business days”. Any suggestions?

What plan are you on and what’s the support ticket number?

Hi, thanks for responding. I had to create this new account, since I don’t have access to my original one, but I’m on the free plan for both of them. Here’s the ticket number: #2468902

Have you tried to follow If so, which step are you unable to do?

Yes, I have. I am completely unable to access my account, its email has been changed. Pretty much all of the recovery options require me to log in. Unfortunately, the rollback link I have received in the email change notification email does not work and just gives me a generic error. Hence, I created the support ticket.

Sorry for the issue you are having. I have added some notes and cc’d myself on the ticket. You are posting here and contacting Support from one address mentioning an account associated with a second address has been taken over by a third address.

Can you respond to the email you received for ticket 2468902 from the second email and cc the account you used to contact Support and post here? LMK once you’ve done that and I will escalate your post here for the attention of my colleague.

I have seen instances like this in the past and the best/fastest route to resolution and to side-step this issues is to add the zone to the account you are using here, change the nameservers at your registrar, and notify your payment provider that their is fraud / cancel the form of payment. It is a pain but it ensures the bad actor cannot access your account. Once you do that, use a pw manager, enable 2fa and don’t share login or api key details with anyone and you avoid incidents like this.


Hello, thanks for the update.
The support ticket was created from the account I’m currently writing from, since I couldn’t/cannot log into the original one. Because of this, I cannot reply to the ticket email from my original (second address). Also, I had just transferred my domain registration to Cloudflare before I lost access, which means I cannot access it at all without my account. Fortunately I haven’t had any fraudulent charges on my card, though its information is probably still stored in my original account. So is there any alternative way I can verify my ownership? For instance, I still have all the emails for my original account from before it was taken over, including the notification about the email change, and the domain transfer completion.
Thank you for the help.

Are you unable to login login to your email account or your Cloudflare account??

I meant my original Cloudflare account.

OK thank you, dash login is unrelated to your email login. Please login to the email for the second account and respond to ticket 2468902 and cc the account you are using here. When you respond to that email, please mention the name of the zone in your account so that the agent can track it down further.

Sorry, I may be misunderstanding something, but how am I supposed to reply to the ticket from my original email? It belongs to this account, I received its email to the email this account is registered with.

(I mean the support ticket)

Depending upon your mail client, you should be able to hit respond, and then select the from address.

If not, just forward it to the other email account and cc to both when you reply to Support.

Thank you for the advice, I managed to get it to work. I just had to enable replying from other addresses in my email client and also add my original email to the conversation on the support ticket page. In theory, my reply should be there now. (it shows up on my end)

OK, thank you, I see the reply. I will escalate this topic for the attention of my colleagues, you’ll want to continue the conversation with them on the ticket.

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Got it, thank you for your time and help.

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