Support no longer responding; stuck in limbo upgrading an account

I have a support ticket open but I’ve been ignored for 4 days now.

I have Cloudflare Images. Love it, it’s a good service. Recently I learned about Stream. I went to get the Images/Stream bundle but was told I must cancel and then upgrade.

Well, my cancellation has been pending since May 12th. I was told by a service rep to try canceling my cancellation. Nope, 500 error when I do that. I tried to continue with the Images/Stream bundle. Nope, won’t let me.

I’m trying to launch next month and I’ve been ignored. Hoping to get some help here. I have a couple of more screenshots getting a 500 when trying to downgrade but I’m not allowed to embed more.

Please advise. I opened this issue 9 days ago.

Hey there,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing delays on your ticket, I have messaged the supper engineer directly for a follow up on this at their earliest convenience for you - as they are a billing specialist.

Again, Apologies for the delay here.