Support MS TLD for Scientific Community


We are a scientific company that sells advanced software to researchers who do mass spectrometry. In this field, we refer to mass spec as MS. We just purchased a *.ms domain and I’m not seeing this on the supported list. Is this something Cloudflare will entertain supporting in the future? I know of at least another organization that is using this TLD for representing mass spectrometry so it’s definitely something that would be appreciated in our community. Thanks for listening!

.ms is a valid TLD to use on Cloudflare. You’re probably looking at the Registrar list for domains that Cloudflare can register.

But you can certainly add a .ms domain to Cloudflare for all the regular Cloudflare features.

Awesome, that’s great news. It seemed odd that it might not be supported, but since I just registered two domains, one of which was an MS domain that wasn’t working yet, I thought maybe there was a support issue. Perhaps the MS authority takes longer to propagate through their DNS, as it’s not recognized yet. Thanks again!

Those DNS name server changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate. Some TLDs cycle faster, or you’ve hit near the end of the cycle and it catches it quickly. Other times, it’s nearly the entire 48 hours.

It’s been 18 days and still Cloudflare is not able to lookup registrar and hosting information of my MS TLD. The error/warning message says to contact Cloudflare support or try again later. Any advice on how to proceed?

Can you share the domain name? Makes it easier for the Community to help.

Absolutely, and I also wanted to add that I’ve contacted the registrar and haven’t heard back. I updated my ticket with them so hopefully they can help from their end.

I read about DNSSEC and I do not have the option to disable this on the registrars dashboard so I may end up being reliant on them for help. Hopefully it’s something I can do myself. Thanks for your help!

When you registered the domain, did your registrar provide you with basic DNS hosting? The current DNS servers for that domain do not have IP addresses. Before you can activate a domain on Cloudflare it needs to have working DNS.		86400	IN	NS		86400	IN	NS
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I see that now, thank you. I assumed that the name servers were working since I paid a service for a domain and it showed default name servers, but I never checked like you did. My mistake.

To answer your question, I kept their “default” name servers. I have since gone back and set them to the default again (there is a button to choose default or custom, and I chose default to make sure there weren’t any typos, etc).

I understand that until Cloudflare can confirm DNS it can’t add the domain, so I’ll need to figure this out first.

I’ve got an update on this I’m hoping to get some help with. It’s been months now, and the registrar will not respond to my tickets (I’ve opened four so far). I just spent $5 on a call to Monsterrat (the MS domain admin contact) and couldn’t get through. I’ve emailed them directly; no response. I’ve sent email to IANA and am waiting for a response.

I’ve tried logging into the registrar’s admin dashboard in different browsers to try and change name servers but nothing works. The whole app seems to be broken and running in an automated fashion, no humans. What kind of recourse do I have? I can’t transfer the domain, I can’t use it cause DNS isn’t working. I spent $50 on this but it’s unusable.

Any ideas?