Support MS TLD for Scientific Community


We are a scientific company that sells advanced software to researchers who do mass spectrometry. In this field, we refer to mass spec as MS. We just purchased a *.ms domain and I’m not seeing this on the supported list. Is this something Cloudflare will entertain supporting in the future? I know of at least another organization that is using this TLD for representing mass spectrometry so it’s definitely something that would be appreciated in our community. Thanks for listening!

.ms is a valid TLD to use on Cloudflare. You’re probably looking at the Registrar list for domains that Cloudflare can register.

But you can certainly add a .ms domain to Cloudflare for all the regular Cloudflare features.

Awesome, that’s great news. It seemed odd that it might not be supported, but since I just registered two domains, one of which was an MS domain that wasn’t working yet, I thought maybe there was a support issue. Perhaps the MS authority takes longer to propagate through their DNS, as it’s not recognized yet. Thanks again!

Those DNS name server changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate. Some TLDs cycle faster, or you’ve hit near the end of the cycle and it catches it quickly. Other times, it’s nearly the entire 48 hours.