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Is there any way you could provide me with a subdomain?



We run a TLD for Topsham … dotTopsham as per:

This provides us with addresses such as:

Essentially … those with our hosts file can access our game servers
library etc.

Any idea that keeps our pseudo-TLD intact and allows us access to cloudflare
services would be considered!

“Willing to experiment”!

Highly unlikely. Maybe if you talk to sales and work out an enterprise contract will they entertain it, but I have my doubts.

What’s going to happen when there’s a real .topsham?

What @Judge wrote, not going to happen, even on an Enterprise plan.

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Nobody is going to install this weird bodge so you can have a fake TLD. How did you even come up with that idea?

Hi there! Thanks for the comments.

Yes, in principle we might spring for an enterprise plan on the basis thet we end up with something actually useful.

@zeblote Thanks for your interest. In terms of how I came up with this … we looked into setting up a “propper” tld … the fees were so steep, so extreme, I said “**** that” and came up with this. Happy to help you set up “dotZeblote” if you need?

@sandro Adding a .topsham TLD on any other register will not affect us. Our clients all use the correct hosts file (always up to date on our github).

Sites should have a static IP as our method of distributing .hosts is manual and therefore not suitable for rapidly changing dynamic addessses.
Users have to be savvy enough to understand how it works.

Cheap. Free to implement.
Clients do DNS lookup (all addresses are in their own hosts file) so it’s QUICK.
Secure. We control the github account where the hosts are listed.

How would you even support TLS?

@sdayman Hi! How would you do it? We produce a self signed cert.

The question is what should happen on Cloudflare if they actually supported your hosts approach and there was a proper TLD introduced?


As stated … our legitimate clients would be un-affected. would be un-affected.

In the end there will always be reasons not to do a thing. The question is… do cloudflare want to support a proprietory tld? If so … how much will they charge?

That is not the question. The question was what should happen on Cloudflare when they actually supported your hosts thingy and that TLD was introduced.

Sorry, no offence, but as already mentioned that is not going to fly in any way. There have been actual alternative DNS systems and they did not work, a 70s hosts file system most certainly will work even less. Sorry.

If you really want a TLD you’ll need to contact ICANN and get that started, just like dozens of other organisations. Once that is up and running that can be added to Cloudflare.

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Thanks for your opinion. Our experience shows otherwise.

You have such a system on Cloudflare in place?

Not yet.

Then which experience shows otherwise?

Wrong. dotTopsham proves that. I will not be paying ICANN even one bean. Ever.

Wrong there are alternate dns providers still.

Currently works fine… In the future possibly problems - browsers are trying to find ways around the hosts file. We will see how this goes but currently works on every browser we try.

It is possible that we will have to muddle along WITHOUT cloudflare. Oh well.

Proves what exactly? That’s not even an alternative DNS system, let alone a TLD. That’s a hosts file :wink:

Yeah, they run at least DNS servers.

But again, you still haven’t addressed my question about what Cloudflare should do when a proper .topsham came along.

Sorry … do not see how that would affect topsham . cloudflare . com ???
Sorry … do not see how that would affect our clients (with the mod) ???

All right, let me walk you through it slowly.

For some obscure reason Cloudflare would actually implement your hosts approach and someone add foobar.topsham to it, which resolves via your hosts file.

Jolly good, now half a year later there’s a proper .topsham TLD registered. How should Cloudflare then handle the case if someone wants to add their proper foobar.topsham domain to Cloudflare, given that “yours” is already there?

They wouldn’t. They would handle topsham . cloudflare . com

But that’s not related at all to .topsham. You can easily register, add that to Cloudflare and then either add whatever sub-domain, with proper NS records, or use a partner setup to manage that on your end and use CNAMEs.

As @Judge said, it really will be best to contact sales for any further information.