Support .IR in SSL

hello , and a have a question !
why a great service line Cloudflare don’t support .IR domain in SSL part , why ? i wanna really know that the iranian is not human is not people , please please do not capture the game policy.> the iranian user, the iranian IT Guys are good people like other world


@khosroanjam Cloudflare dont hate iranian people or any kinda of people, dont worry. It is probably one error, check this link below, If after you reading it you still have any questions about this, try submit them a ticket specifing your problem.

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Cloudflare does not hate you. But due to US Export Regulation, Cloudflare’s SSL vendor Comodo cannot issue a certificate to several ccTLDs. Unfortunately .IR is one. A full list can be seen in this link: Center/Article/View/989

You should be able to get a SSL from a non-US Certificate Authority. As far as I know, Cloudflare is currently exploring ways to provide those banned ccTLDs with a SSL certificate.



We definitely did not exclude that domain with intent, rather it was a limitation of the partner as others have stated. However we’re always looking to expand our offerings and provide redundancy. By the end of the month I believe you may wish to contact support to see if we have any additional options for you regarding SSL. :smiley:


hi there @cs-cf
just read your reply and thought maybe Cloudflare is going to do something about ir domains and iran in general. i have added a few ir domains to my Cloudflare account but it seems like i can’t ask for a ssl certificate. and it seems like Cloudflare is having a problem reading my .ir DNS since it can’t verify it.
please enlighten me and other iranian users about the process.
can we use ir domains now?
does Cloudflare have any plans?

Have you tried contacting support?