Support golang natively for Cloudflare workers

Clouflare worker is a great option for doing serverless for free without even giving card information. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest serverless environment out there. And I’d a great time using it!.

It has natively supported JavaScript and Python which is great. But golang which is expanding rapidly in the DevOps and backend engineering community, Cloudflare doesn’t support it. There might be technical problems supporting it but is there any effort taken?

“Go” gives quite better developer experience as like as python but at the same time, “Go” has speed unlike python which is slow. And we all know why. Azure supports golang using custom handler and it would be better if Cloudflare supports too.

Hoping to see golang in the Cloudflare workers supported language list. What do you think? Let’s discuss!

This has been brought up in the past, the answer being Go doesn’t really have good secure sandboxing but they were working on getting Go → WASM functioning well.
Original answer: Native Golang Support for Workers - #9 by KentonVarda

I’m sure @KentonVarda can give a more up to date answer on this

Nothing new to report here, unfortunately. The only way we can support Go is via Wasm, and to support it there we need programs to be able to “dynamically link” against the Go runtime, so that many workers can share the same copy of Go. This likely requires changes in the Go compiler and tooling to support, making it a pretty big project that will need help from the Go team. It seems like there’s some interest in the community in doing this but it’ll take time.