Support for WinXP users on Cloudflare PRO version

Hello, we recently started using Cloudflare Free version. And now users who are using WinXP cannot connect to our site (error ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH).
Question: if we switch to the PRO version, will our site become available for WinXP users? And if so, do we need to carry out any additional actions on the PRO version?

First of all, Windows XP was a great system but hasn’t been supported for years and really should not be used.

Second, that is likely rather an SSL issue than an operating system one. Which browser have you tried?

Maybe try Firefox. If the latest version does not work any more, try 52 as that was officially supported on XP. Again, that version is not supported either.

We need the ability for WinXP users to enter the site through Google Chrome.
There is no problem accessing the site through Firefox, but most of our customers use other browsers.
And earlier they wrote that the paid version of Cloudfare supports old systems, so I’m interested in switching to the paid version if this solves the problem.

Which version of Chrome are you running? 49.0 seems to be the last one with XP support but even that version is highly insecure at this point. has some details on that, but that might also be slightly outdated.

Your best bet is to contact sales/support and check what they can offer. You might need to get a paid certificate and/or a paid plan.

Alternatively you could disable HTTPS. HTTP alone should always work (as long as you are on HTTP 1).

Can you tell me how to contact the support department? I couldn’t find how to write them directly, so I decided to write on the forum. would be the address.


Pro Plan

  1. Enter your domain here

  2. Do you see

  3. If yes, you need to purchase SSL from Cloudflare ($10/mo)

Business Plan

  • At Business Plan, one can upload custom SSL that fixes this issues as well.

Free Plan

  • Do not use CloudFlare proxy
  • Maintain own SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt or any provider.

I dont think advanced certificate support NON SNI SSL. Only Business plan + Upload your own SSL certificate give this option.

Yes, if you switch to PRO, the site will be available to WinXP users. But only on specific browsers. For example IE8 will not work, but Chrome 49 will work.
You do not need to carry out additional actions such as purchasing advanced certificate.

Source: we had the same problem. On one site with a very old audience even in 2020 roughly 2% of traffic is from Chrome 49.

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  1. SNI and certificates are not really related.
  2. SNI has been supported forever since, also on XP.
  3. This is rather an algorithm and SSL version issue than anything else.
  4. As mentioned originally, this is something which is best to be clarified by sales, little point in posting possibly misleading information.