Support for wildcard domain name and wildcard SSL

We are working with client’s website ( that runs hundreds of dynamic sub domains. We are considering switching their domain name over to Cloudflare DNS. Does Cloudflare support wildcard domain names such as * or *.* and *.*.* I would also be able to enable Cloudflare SSL on it. If this functionality requires Cloudflare PRO plan (can only afford PROsat the moment) please let me know too.

Thank you in advance.

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For Cloudflare SSL / the proxy (DDOS protection, note that both depend on each other; enabling one enables the other), wildcard subdomains are only supported on the Enterprise plan. You can use just Cloudflare DNS with the wildcard entry, but not when you want to use SSL.

You may use the API to add DNS entries (1,000 max DNS entries on Free, 3,500 max entries on Pro and above) to add subdomains dynamically if your client can do this integration.

And finally:

No SSL certificate can be provisioned with a double-wildcard entry as per the CA/B forum, so you won’t find this anywhere.

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Thank you for your response. Let me confirm again from your answer:

With enterprise plan you said wildcard with * can be proxied through Cloudflare DNS and SSL. Would the double subdomains such as * also work or do I have to enter separate entry for each second level wildcard?

You can get Wildcard SSL for multiple level down subdomains, via a $10/month dedicated certificate, but each needs to be pre-defined so that there’s only one wildcard (* would need to be on the certificate, as well as * Also note that trying “” wound show an SSL error.

But yes, sadly wildcard subdomains are Enterprise-only

In case it’s relevant, there’s also this

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