Support for /.well-known/openid-configuration JWKS URL

I’d like to use Cloudflare Access to protect an AWS API Gateway HTTP API.

API Gateway has native support for JWT Authorizers, however it tries to fetch keys by assuming the jwks_uri is /.well-known/openid-configuration. Is it possible to add support for this path to

In the meantime, I assume I can use a worker to make this path available on another domain (it would rewrite requests to /cdn-cgi/access/certs). However, this is just a guess because I couldn’t find any documentation on the specification the response there follows - there’s a format implied by but a definite schema would be nice.

Looking a little closer, I don’t think the two URLs are equivalent. Instead, the well-known path would simply return some configuration values including the fact that /cdn-cgi/access/certs should be used for fetching keys: