Support for Websocket


I’ve been setting up argo tunnel with Cloudflare ingress controller for K8s.

Everything works as expected, but the websocket.

I see in the documentation that it’s a known issue, and I also see some code in the Cloudflared repository to deal with websocket.

My only question is: Do you have an ETA or a promise you’ll support soon the WebSockets?

Thanks for reaching out and for trying Argo Tunnel. Yes, we are actively working on improving our WebSocket support. We currently plan on having full support within the next few weeks.

Hi @ZS-Dev,

I’m currently working on Argo Tunnel’s websocket support- Can you describe the issue that you’re having, or give me some steps to reproduce?


Hello @rishabh,


  1. I setup a mattermost (Slack alternative self-hosted) service using the official image.
  2. I configured the Argo ingress controller following the doc on the GitHub repository.
  3. I created my ingress to point to the created service.
  4. The DNS records is populated and the Mattermost service is accessible.


When I consult the website, I see something is missing, half the page is not loaded correctly. I check the browser console and see multiple attempts at connecting to the WebSocket.

For what I gathered, the application can connect to the WebSocket, but as soon as I tries to send something, it get disconnected, then try again to connect etc …

In other words, the connection is established, but it can’t communicate with the server.