Support for PNG Quantization in Image Optimiser

Was just looking into Cloudflare Image Optimiser / Resizing (either by default URL scheme or worker) and noticed that PNG Quantization isn’t supported, which from my experience provides the largest optimisation you can have for PNGs. I typically see around 70-90% reduction and have never been able to tell the difference.


Currently I can only convert PNGs to WEBP and only see around 25% size reduction. Do you have plans to support PNG Quant optimisation?

This actually is a good request.

I’m not a huge fan of most “optimizers” but if PNG Quantization does support lossless optimization I think this would make sense.

Also at PNGs optimizations are really good, for most JPEG optimization is getting gained by quality loss. Actually CloudFlares Image-Optimization is more like a Image Conversion into WebP on the fly. But in many cases (specially at “lossless” settings) images will not be converted as they would grow in size. Thats when native lossless optimization makes sense.

BTW CloudFlare does not support this yet, but there are plenty of free libraries out there which helps you optimize your PNGs natively on your own server. May this for now is the best solution if CloudFlares ImageOptimization does not work for a lot of your images.

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