Support for .NZ / .CO.NZ TDL Domain Registration

Hi Cloudflare Team,
Would love some more love for New Zealand !

Can we request support for .NZ / .CO.NZ Domain Registration.

(and .UK domains)

Many Thanks,


.UK is already available!


Brill great news… Fingers crossed for NZ domains soon.

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Any news on .nz and domains ?

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New Zealand Domains (.nz/ - Any news guys ? This is taking awhile…

Feature Request:
Support for and .nz domains via the Cloudflare registrar… Come on Cloudflare show some love for your New Zealand users ! :wink:


I’m keen as well - +1 for Cloudflare doing .AU and .NZ domains.

Keen! Can Cloudflare give us an update please? Or email us when its ready?

Hanging out for this Cloudflare!!! Are we able to have an update?

This page is regularly kept up to date with new additions

Another vote for .nz domain name inclusion. :pray: :crossed_fingers:

1 Like + .nz please.

Another vote here (in support of the .nz and domain registrations)

Please add and .nz

Would be great to manage these through CF

Over year since I opened this request… Any update on .nz / ?

( I am sure you can work with the NZ domain commission to resolve this : )

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I’m also among a number of people who would like to move 100 odd / domains to Cloudflare for both security and functionality purposes. Please make contact with the DNC in 2024 and come to an arrangement to become a member and provide .NZ services.

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plus one

I’ll transfer about a dozen *.nz domains as soon as it’s supported. +1

+100 :heart_eyes: