Support for issuemail CAA property

Following the recent ballot (SMC05) of the S/Mime Cert WG of the CA/Browser Forum, the baseline requirements for the issuance of certificates has been updated to include the use of (CAA) Processing for Email Addresses as defined in RFC 9495.

As the moment, Cloudflare DNS only permits the issue, issuewild, and iodef CAA properties. Are there any plans to extend the list to include the issuewild property or, ideally, allow the user to define custom properties?

Hi @SkipperDan

Cloudflare currently supports the issue, issuewild, and iodef properties for CAA records. While there’s no official announcement yet regarding the support for issuemail or custom properties, Cloudflare often updates its services to comply with new standards. Keep an eye on Cloudflare’s blog or community updates for any announcements related to extending CAA record capabilities.

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