Support for Glue Records in Cloudflare Domains

Please note: This is different than custom nameservers.

We need Glue records support.

What is Glue records?
Here’s more information

Practical Usage case

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Good idea, +1

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Maybe I misunderstand what you are asking for.

How is this different to vanity/custom nameservers. (Asked a different way, why do you need glue without vanity nameservers?)

Say you are hosting on CF. Without vanity nameservers, your nameservers will be on something that is not, and therefore will not need glue.

If you are using vanity nameservers (say and so on), they they will have static IPs, and you can add those to your TLD as glue.

I can think of two situations where CF need to
be involved.

If you are using vanity nameservers and Cloudflare Registrar then it would be nice that Cloudflare took care of the glue automatically. (As Registrar does not yet work for Enterprise accounts this has yet to become an issue.) was

The second is if you are delegating a sub domain of a Cloudflare hosted domain, and want the delegated nameservers to have hostnames in the delegates subdomain ( You want Cloudflare to return an Addational section in DNS lookups with the A/AAAA records for From a brief test this does not work. Is this the case you are referring to?

It works just like that, on my business plan it’s set-up automatically.

Didn’t realise vanity nameservers were available on Business plan. I only have Free and Enterprise to test with.

The Enterprise plan is one thing I can’t say I have the ability to try!

The Regostrar should work with Enterprise though, as it started with that plan. Try talking with your engineer.

I feel for you :smile:

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Consider a situtation, I run my own DNS server where I would like to have some Child nameservers pointing to the IP address.

Custom nameservers doesn’t allow editing IP. It just create fancy version of NS.
So, it’s not a solution in my case.

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There seems to be (deliberate?) misunderstanding about Vanity DNS vs Glue Records:

“Vanity DNS” or “Custom DNS” arre not technically the same thing as TLD Glue Records. Both can co-exist and can have separate use-cases.

For example, my need for Glue records with Cloudflare Registry is:

  • will be kept bound to standard Cloudflare DNS (* or vanity DNS depending on CF subscription plan I choose)
  • ns1/ will be non-Cloudflare DNS servers operated from own datacenter #1 servicing non-Cloudflare related third-party product suite.
  • ns1/ will be other non-Cloudflare DNS servers operated from own datacenter #2 servicing yet another service.

Currently Cloudflare Registry does not allow me to add simple TLD DNS Glue Records for ns1/ with their own IPv4/IPv6 addresses. This is basic functionality offered by every major registry.

Meanwhile I do not have any interest in bypassing Cloudflare DNS for root domain itself which happens to be registered via Cloudflare Registry. I might even consider getting Custom vanity names for Cloudflare servers but I will still need to add multiple independent Glue records separately.

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