Support for Emacs 27 and above


I have been using emacs command line to build some parts of the websites I host on Pages. However, the version of Emacs supported is only 25, as shown here -

The latest versions of Emacs have new features, bugfixes and better support for website publishing (and I mean orgmode, specifically). Is there any timeline for updating the build environments of Cloudflare Pages to support newer versions of Emacs? This would help me from removing some of the hacks I have had to write to build stuff correctly on Cloudflare Pages CI/CD.


Hi there, thanks for contacting Cloudflare.

I asked the product team in regards to newer versions of Emacs.

We will provide you with an update here, once we know more.

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Hi, any update on this? From the latest Cloudflare docs on “Language Support and Tools”, the v2 section shows an abridged list of support tools.

Hi. Has there been any movement on this? I’m trying to set up a site with Cloudflare Pages and I’m using Emacs’ Org Mode to build the html. My build command fails because the Emacs version is so far out of date.

It looks like Cloudflare Pages is using Emacs version 26.3, but locally I have version 29.1 installed locally.

I don’t think I can build this site unless I have a recent version of Emacs. Is there any way it can be updated, or can I supply a docker container or something with the version that I need to build?

@bl1 I managed to get my site working with a bunch of workarounds. You can check out the source code if you find anything that helps:

Here’s what my build settings look like (from the Cloudflare Pages deployment dashboard):