Support domain

Hello everyone at Cloudflare!

I cannot register the domain name of with Cloudflare

Is there a way to solve this problem?

You mean Cloudflare supports domains of that SLD just fine.

You are probably running into a different issue and if you had used the search - as prompted - you’d have come across Community Tip - Fixing Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information Code: 1110

No, I mean

minecraft9487village help us better understand can you provide the entire domain address because I’m not sure how to approach looking into this without knowing the full domain address.

ok,my domain is
When I registered, I encountered a problem that this domain is not supported,
This domain can completely change DNS settings.

That domain is not a public domain, hence Cloudflare does not support it. Only the owner of that domain can add the domain itself.

You could contact the owner for them to try to get it added to