Support for .co domains in registrar

Hello The wonderful people at Cloudlfare!

I was granted access to Cloudflare registrar a few days ago but the bummer is that we are .co hogs (Quite literally, most of our domains are .co) which will reach their expiration dates around spring next year, we were planning to moving those domains to Cloudflare but it seems like .co isn’t a supported TLD at Cloudflare registrar yet!

Is there a timeline available that may provide detailed information or if someone can confirm if the support will be rolled out around march '19 ??

Also, Can someone change our username? it kinda still shows our old brand name :frowning:

Cloudflare doesn’t announce upcoming TLDs, since they’re “in progress,” and as soon as one is finalized, it will become available.

As for changing your Username, you’d have to ask Support if they can do this.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

I took would like to see .co domains supported. I got a couple that are exact matches to .coms that I have to cover a mistyped where someone commits the m at the end, would be nice to consolidate those into CF Registrar too.

+1 for .CO

@jonathantjh, merged all 3 of your postings on other threads to here, please don’t bump up many old threads about the same issue.

Thank you

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Definitely +1 for .co

Adding in another notation for this request. I’ve got several .co domains that are expiring in the next few months, and I would love to have them all pointed to my cloudflare account.

Add me to the list as well! “.co” is quite popular these days!