Support for Australian *.au Domains

These domains are being pushed out to the public so that domains can be handed back and used for businesses etc. That means there’s a significant number of individuals who will either shortly, or are already switching over to and no Cloudflare registrar support. I’d like to bring mine over from GoDaddy.

Can you please advise a timeframe for this to occur?


Is there a reason why Cloudflare doesn’t currently support registration of .au domains?

I know this question has been asked in the past, but it’s been a while and it’s quite frustrating - I would much prefer to pay one company for everything.

Hi @Ben.F

.au is in our plans but we don’t have an ETA. The process of getting accredited for .au is quite onerous and will likely take time, but hopefully it will happen next year.


I would also like to use Cloudflare as the one true registrar to rule them all

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I accidentally created another request for this: Support for Australian TLDs - #3 by alexazaia

I too am waiting for .au and support considering Google Domains is moving to Squarespace.


I’ve just migrated to Cloudflare from Google because Squarespace won’t support DNS.
I would also like to be able to use Cloudflare as my registrar to consolidate it all, if this is coming soon I’ll stick with Google/Squarespace for now, but would like to know when it comes around.

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Really hanging out for .au domains – we have 100’s across our clients we’d like to migrate to Cloudflare for registration/renewals.

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Any updates on this process?

Is there any plan to introduce .top domain? It’s cheap and has large number of customer.

Yup, same again (here) - have a backlog of Google Domains customers to move somewhere, but it’s only going to be somewhere that can handle all the TLDs I have, and some are

Cloudflare, if they had support, would be top of the list and all domains would head this way in a flash…