Support Escalation Procedure for Business Plan Customers

Is there an escalation procedure for customers with a Business Plan? Also, is there a definition for prioritized email support?

Hi @RobbyM,

On a business plan, you have access to community support her, ticket support and live chat. Prioritised email support means that your ticket will be responded to before Pro and Free users, in general.

Have you already opened a ticket?

yes, opened a ticket Oct 9.

Have you received a response at all? Was it an autoresponse that said something like ‘please reply if you need further help to reach a support engineer’?

Can you post the ticket number so one of the mods here can have a look?

I have received a response and gone back and forth, but I have not heard back since the 15th, and we are still working the original issue.
Ticket 1765432

If you sign in to, do you see the ticket and the status there? That should tell you whether it is open, awaiting reply, closed etc.

Maybe @cloonan can have a look

It is open, just no resolution. I have requested an escalated response since Tuesday.

OK, I’m afraid that community members can’t see your account or tickets so there’s nothing we can do. I have flagged the ticket here so a mod will hopefully have a look for you. Otherwise, I think you will just have to give them a bit to reply.

I’m new to Cloudlfare, and was hoping support either moderates or contributes to the forum to get this answered.

This forum is generally not used by support staff, members of the Community Team at Cloudflare often spend time on here and have a look at tickets flagged for their attention, but support themselves don’t tend to.

@cloonan is generally very good at getting tickets looked into :smile:


If the ticket was opened on the 9th I think something is up with it. I would suggest using the live chat you have available and ask either what’s up with that specific ticket or re-ask the question.

If it’s something you can share, what was the original question?

You mentioned live chat, is that available through the portal:

Hi @RobbyM, I see the ticket and made some notes and link to this conversation. Sorry for the troubles you’re facing. I see the ticket has been escalated to our billing team and I adjusted the details on the ticket to ensure the ticket is showing in the proper Business plan queue.


Yes, it should be in the bottom right of the page (like the marketing ones in many websites).

Live chat is available through the dashboard (bottom right), but it looks like @cloonan is on to it!