Support Email

When I am submitting a support request it is made with the old email attached to my account so they keep getting closed automatically. Also, when I go to the dashboard to check the email it is my new email. How would I change the support email?

Use the new e-mail, or more simply, use the one attached to your account at the present time. That will be the valid one.

Otherwise to contact Support, login & go to and select get more help.

That’s the problem. When I use the ‘get more help’ it uses my old email even when I’m logged into the account attached with my new email.

That’s strange… Maybe we should wait for @cloonan.

Have you tried going to Login there and try…

That is really odd, sorry for the issue. @au_hliu, can you email from the correct account to support AT Cloudflare DOT com. Let them know this issue with account and mail as well as issue that led you to contact them. Please share your ticket number here and link to this thread on the email.

Thanks! Support sorted it out so all good.


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