Support domain purchasing in registrar API

We currently integrated with ResellerClub and API, but DNS service is always routed back to CloudFlare for it’s resiliency, monitoring, optimization and security protections.

Also the no mark-up policy when purchasing a domain via CloudFlare is really attractive.

Please support domain purchasing in Registrar API.

+1 - we need possibility to transfer and register domains through API.
Is that possible?

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I was looking through the API documentation.

Do we know when we can use the API to complete a domain purchase?

Not possible at this time, unless you’re willing to use dashboard APIs which would really just mean looking at your devtools and mocking dashboard API requests.

The downside to doing this is that it’s not supported by Cloudflare, you won’t get help here on the CF Community, and the APIs can change at any time, so I’d recommend to just vote for this feature request.