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I’ll use this post as my complaint with Cloudflare

Documentation is terrible. I signed up for image and video stream service. It didn’t work right. The documentations is such it leads one down a lot of Rabbit Holes. $10 subscription is not refundable. I learned my lesson to stay away from BIG business that treat small business poorly as you do.

I will never recommend Cloudflare. In fact now I have spent 6-8 hours trying to get a $10 service working I will have complaints in any reviews about Cloudflare. Small site need to beware and stay away.

It is my Opinion Cloudflare will be losing out on a lot of opportunity for the those of us who have smaller sites.

Hi @user77313 sorry for the issues. You mentioned

But, I cannot locate any tickets nor earlier posts wrt the issues you encountered. If you have a ticket number, can you share it here? Can you share more details about what you wanted to accomplish that you could not?