Support DNS alias/Origin IP/record Lists like Firewall IP Lists

Cloudflare Firewall supports IP lists where you create an IP list and use that in Firewall rules to reference that IP list. Would be nice if CF DNS supported an Origin IP/record List so you can create an Origin IP(s) or record(s) List alias that can be referenced in DNS records which would make bulk DNS record updates easier than relying on CF DNS API Change dns to 200 websites at once


if you had 3 domain DNS records for

all point to same server IP for A record = 111.222.333.444

You could create an origin IP/record list or alias named origin1 setup for A record = 111.222.333.4444

and then in DNS management allow those 3 domains to have an A record pointing to origin1 list. Amazon AWS Route53 has a similar alias support already. Would be nice if Cloudflare DNS had such tool.

Then CF DNS API would only have to update origin list named origin1 to change the A record referenced and that would update and reflect on all 3 domains. Would also mean less CF DNS API calls are made too lessening load to CF servers :smiley: