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Can someone definitively let us know if cloudflare as a dedicated ticketing system and / or support center?

If I click ‘SUPPORT’ at the top of this page it takes you to a page with ‘Sign in’ at the top, logging in effectivly from here just logs you in and logs you back again.

Can someone please confirm if you need to actually talk to someone e.g. get support from cloudflare how you go about this?

Is it literally just via email and there is n ticketing system?


Ok go there go to more help, submitted a ticket, now what? were can i see that support task and review.

Does this literally just email them?

In the email you should have received with the support ticket number.

So there is no online ticketing system? It is all managed via email as i originally suggested?

Of course there is, you simply need to follow the link in aforementioned email :wink:

Okie clicked the link from a request i sent

Then it takes me to the login page

Login and it takes me to the normal dashboard

Even if logged in already and clicking the link it logs me out and asks me to signin again.

Maybe a browser issue. Try clearing your cache, switching to private mode, or a different browser.

Sure, becaue it’s SSO

Login, Remember your device and click the link again

Ok am i literally being thick? I was logged in right here and pasted the link above:


it went to the help center very briefly the main homepage then redirected to this:


I had to login again to post this.

Same on any machine in our office with any browser.

In that case I could only suggest to open an additional support ticket (via email :slight_smile: to their [email protected] address) for this issue as well :man_shrugging:t2:

Also, @cloonan

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From RDC to another machine using another browser:

ok lets login

ok needs 2fa as this is a seperate machine got the code and we login

as before takes you to the main account homepage no ticket in sight

lets try going to the url directly since we are logged in

logs you out again, same issue:

So it does not work

From the main page you click “Support” - “Help Center”. On the new page you click your username and then “My Activities & Requests”. That does work. If it does not it most likely is a browser issue and you can only contact Cloudflare via aforementioned channel.

I am afraid there is not much more that can be done.

I completely agree with user6931. The support system is cumbersome, but it might be designed to be like that. It seems to me that CloudFlare does not invest much in support, especially for the free accounts.
I was looking for a reasonably priced registrar alternative to GoDaddy and stopped transferring my domains to CloudFlare. The DNS scanner, one of the best features of CF, has not worked for me since many weeks. Got a generic response from Support and that was it, although many others had the same issue.

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