Support and Billing Failure

A billing error resulted in Cloudflare deactivating the business plan for one of my accounts, but the plan is paid until 11/23. As a result, the site no longer functions correctly and I cannot access tickets or support chat. All of my requests for assistance have fallen on deaf ears. Billing, Support, and sales will not assist. Any suggestions for getting someone to help?

I’m pretty sure they will. Please post the ticket number so we can escalate.

It would also help to properly categorize this under General → Billing so it gets proper attention. You can re-categorize it by click on Edit for your post title.

Ticket # 2295882 addresses the issue. They sent an auto-response telling me that I don’t qualify for support because I don’t have the business plan. However, this is the issue that needs to be resolved. Thanks for you help.

I’ve escalated this ticket. Billing should see it first thing tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

HI @user6946

I have checked both the ticket and the account associated with your email address. I am not seeing any domains associated with your email address as the Super Administrator of an account. Please advise the Super Administrator (Account Owner) to submit a ticket to [email protected] and the account can be reviewed and details shared with the account owner.


I have opened multiple tickets with the account owner email address and your team is not responding. I have contacted billing and support. You simply need to respond to the multiple inquiries you have already received. It should not be this difficult to get help.

Are you saying that ticket number you told me is not from the Super Administrator’s email address?

I opened multiple tickets. Ticket #2295882 was opened without the Super administrator’s email address. I then corrected this by opening another ticket, #2295898, with the Super Admin email address. Cloudflare closed ticket #2295898 without assisting and said that they merged it with the original ticket #2295882 . I told them not to close it, but my requests were ignored. I then tried opening another ticket, #2296055, with the Super Admin email address and received an automated message that the ticket was closed because I do not have the business plan. Laurie should be able to see evidence of these issues in ticket # 2295882. I have an outbox full of inquiries and requests for follow-up and Cloudflare still fails to address the issue.

That’s not her name.


Noted and corrected.

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Our team is not going to be able to share any confidential billing information with anyone other than the account owner. Please send me a ticket that was submitted by the account owner and I can have our team investigate the issue and share those details with them.


I am the account owner. Ticket # 2295898, which I sent, is from the super admin email address. You simply need to respond to the ticket and address the issue. What is the problem?

Hi @user6946,

Great I have escalated that ticket to one of our team billing specialist.


That’s not a polite way to treat people who are trying to guide you through the appropriate process.

This is the only ticket number you mentioned when I asked. It addressed the issue, but it wasn’t opened by the account owner. That’s the problem.


Hi @user6946,
Our team has confirmed that they have replied to you.


They have not replied with a resolution. They just closed the ticket and added it to #2295882. That is why I have been referring to ticket # 2295882. I do not have an email response with an explanation and I cannot access the support ticket via the dash because I am no longer in the business plan. What else do you need from me to resolve the issue? I have provided multiple ticket numbers and attempted with get help via this outside channel. Surely there must be a way to solve this.

See the last reply to ticket # 2295898:

Piotr (Cloudflare)

Nov 4, 2021, 3:30 AM PDT

This request was closed and merged into request #2295822 “A billing issue was corrected im…”.

Duplicate tickets reset the timing for every ticket, they all go backwards in the queue as opposed to being moved forward. That results in a slower response time for you and everyone else.

The solution was outlined on 2295822 by Piotr and @gloria. You can reply on that ticket if you have any questions about what was explained.


Cloonan incorrectly stated that the resolution to having been removed from the business plan was resolved in ticket number #2295822. Then the topic was closed. I never received a response to #2295822. This is the original inquiry:

Can you someone send the solution outlined in #2295822? I have checked the SPAM firewall and do not see the message.

Cloonan also stated that Piotr and Gloria have responded to #2295822. The only responses I have from Piotr and Gloria are shown below:

Piotr (Cloudflare)
Nov 4, 2021, 3:30 AM PDT
This request was closed and merged into request #2295822 “A billing issue was corrected im…”.

gloria (Cloudflare)
Nov 4, 2021, 9:14 AM PDT
Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Billing Support.
Kindly note that we have replied in ticket #2295822.
To avoid any confusion that could be created by having multiple tickets opened for the same problem, we will close this ticket and continue assisting you in #2295822.
Please let us know if you have received the reply in #2295822.
Thank you for your time.
Please let us know if you need anything further by replying here to have this ticket automatically reopened.
Best Regards,
Cloudflare Support
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I eventually received the necessary information after about a day of repeatedly stating that a response was not provided as the Cloudflare team repeatedly told me otherwise and proceeded to close my tickets. This situation was entirely avoidable and ranks as one of the worst IT service experiences that I have ever had.