Superfluous header added by Cloudflare

I believe your curl request is reaching your server directly and is NOT passing through Cloudflare. That’s why the X-Turbo-Charged-By: LiteSpeed header is NOT being returned. When you reach your website normally, you pass through Cloudflare and the header is returned from the backend.

Shouldn’t it? If no, what would you be expecting to see?

Sorry @janvitos. I’m confused. The purpose of running the curl command was to rule out it was being added by the origin (which it isn’t). The leaves Cloudflare.

It doesn’t really leave Cloudflare. Plenty of cases where an origin returns different responses depending on the request. We keep saying it, but Cloudflare is not adding the header. I guess I’ll caveat that with “unless they’ve massively changed their infrastructure overnight”.

IP address?

EDIT: Probably CF-Connecting-IP

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Let me make myself clearer then:

Backend = No header
Backend + Cloudflare = Header from Backend (NOT from Cloudflare)

I really can’t make it any more obvious.

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As mentioned above, from it’s coming from litespeed server only when cloudflare is used 1.4.46

  • [Improvement] Added “X-Turbo-Charged-By” response header when CF IP is set.

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