Superbot Pro vs Business Advantages experience

Can @MVP and Other who are using Superbot in Pro and Business share positive impact .
Also in very brief top disadvantages.

Interested to understand how much is origin gets protected.

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Are you referring to super bot fight mode?
Not worth unless you are on the enterprise plan, it’s way too problematic right now and most people end up disabling it due to the lack of customization.


Yes Super Bot Fight Mode.
Anyone using it with positive results?
I hope as @jnperamo mentions it needs improvement and I gathered one of the Staff also mention that some new features etc are expected in future,

But anyone using it in current state with good results?

Also is Business Plan for this worth it?

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Maybe there is that one lucky individual that is able to use SBFM without it breaking their website but… that’d be an exception and not the rule.

I don’t doubt that it will get better overtime but I wouldn’t bet on the feature receiving a major upgrade anytime soon.

The guide to buying SBFM right now is:

  1. Do you want to see how many bots are visiting your website and aren’t blocked? Buy it.
  2. Do you want to actively stop bots beyond the “base” capabilities that CF has to offer? Don’t buy it.

For bot protection alone, definitely not.

The protection itself works well, slightly too well to the point anything that isn’t a browser is considered a bot.

  • Payment gateways? Blocked for the most part.
  • APIs? Blocked.
  • Third party services not marked as verified bots? Blocked.

and the list goes on. The only hesitation with this feature is that you won’t be able to tweak its behavior so… any false positive, will stay being a false positive without giving you the option to create bypasses.


I have gathered you the one of the best persons for the Cloudflare Super Bot.
But most of you like @eva2000 use SBFM with Enterprise which is currently out of scope for me.

I wish to be a lucky individual to use SBFM without breaking the website. :slight_smile:

I am moving/creating the Payment Gateway to another domain without SBFM
API calls to a Different Domain.
And Aim to use No Third Party Service which is not in Verified Bots.(For now)

Apart from these things what else can I miss out on.?

I gather for Business Likely Automated 2-29 bot scores are Either Blocked or Challenged.
What I wonder which is much better Blocked or Challenged?
How many could be false positives, any advice or experience?

I had asked this to @eva2000 about 1.5 years ago near the launch of the SBFM but those were baby days of this. Although my website will be free but still i would love pesky scrapers to not cause any issues :slight_smile:

@amart Any updates ? :slight_smile: