Super Slow, Never Fast, Not New Site

I host my own website on my home server with a Suddenlink Business Account.
Any, Any time I load my site, let me reiterate, Any time I browse to my site it is unbelievably slow.
Try and see if its just me or everyone is getting slow load times.
I have been using Cloudflare for a year or so and the only way I can update or make changes is to put it in Development mode, then it is a bit faster.

Just asking for a few ideas to help speed this up. I feel that I can’t get traffic because of the speed.

When I look at the logs I have a lot of people leaving before the site is loaded and I have slimmed down the site…

Hi @idoxlr8,

Your site is not caching most of its static assets, such as CSS and JS files. This is the first thing that needs to be fixed, and you should check your server configuration for clues as to what is causing it. Please see: this report.

Edit: This could be a good starting point to understand what and how Cloudflare caches files from your website:

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I had no idea…
I suppose I should say that I’m running a windows server with Apache.
I will follow the link/s you provided to see where I’ve messed up.
I’m pretty meticulous with my settings and have a very good firewall/router.
I will follow up with what I find.

Thanks again

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Thanks, I was able to fix it with a few clicks.
Kinda thought I was into a server nightmare.
You guys are awesome, I can not thank you enough!

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