Super confused. I have multiple domains set up and some redirects from naked URL to 'www' work & some don't. Help!

I’m taking over managing a Cloudflare account for someone (because there are issues) and I’m really confused.

We have 3 different domains. Basically we need them all 3 of the domains to work with naked URLs and the URLs with the ‘www’ first.

2 of them are working - and one of them is not. The 2 that ARE working… are set up differently (so I can’t just model them and hope for the best).

Here are my 3 domains, and which ones work WITH and WITHOUT ‘www’

Any advice on how to…

  1. Get to work WITH & WITHOUT the ‘www’.
  2. Potentially edit/adjust all 3 of the domain settings to make sure they are all set up correctly.

Thanks for your help - in advance!

Don’t use a CNAME for the naked domain. Give it an A record of (yeah, Google DNS, but Page Rules will override this). And make sure it’s set to :orange:. I don’t know why the others work, but that CNAME seems to kick in before the Page Rule can redirect.

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This seems to be due to how managed CNAMEs work. Clickfunnels is already on Cloudflare, so any page rules you set for ClickFunnels CNAME’d DNS zones won’t work.

For the root redirect to work, it does need to CNAME to something else ( is a good candidate) or be an A record to something else (like as noted above).


Hey! Thanks for your reply.

I added the A name record, as suggested, and it’s causing a new error.

Now, when I type in URL with WWW and without WWW - it’s being send to a ‘heroku’ error page - saying that there’s no page there yet.

I had to change it back because I need atleast 1 of them to work, but I did capture a screenshot of the A name record, to make sure I set it up correctly. Can you confirm?

Any idea what to do next?

Try making sure your domain is active in Clickfunnels.

The domain that is active in clickfunnels is the naked domain.

I’m at a total loss here in trying to figure out how these work. Why some work with 1 set up, and other work with a setup that’s completely different.

I don’t understand the WHY to alot of these settings - so it’s hard to try to find the break.

Any ideas on someone I can HIRE to figure this out? Or call… or something?

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for DAYS.

Hey Sdayman,

Can you take a peek at my other comments?

I tried your suggestion and am still having some challenges.

Any feedback would be AWESOME.


Is this true for all three domains listed? The two “working” domains are configured differently from each other. One redirects to www, and one redirects to naked domain.

Typically, a CNAME is used for www, then the naked domain redirects to the www.

Yes - all 3 of the domains are active in CF and configured with the naked domains.

I don’t know why the work, why they are set up differently - or understand any of it.

I’m taking over from for someone who was just making a mess of things, and eventually just gave up because they couldn’t ‘figure it out’ (hence the mess).

Ideally, I’d love to find someone I can talk to, and share my screen - and have them work with me on this.

This is the only support Cloudflare offers - and CF hasn’t been much help either.

Is there anyone you can direct me to, to help walk me through this LIVE?

Talk to Clickfunnels. You’re paying for their service, and they already use Cloudflare.

I’ll reach out to them again.

But they just keep referring me to their ‘training’ document - which I followed- and doesn’t work.

Or they tell me it’s a Cloudflare issue.

I’ve been going in circles around this for DAYS.

Really would just be so much easier to get someone on a phone. :persevere:

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