Super Bot Fighting Mode blocking requests from the same server

Hi there,

Bot Fighting Mode is blocking requests from the same server to json endpoints. The server IP is already whitelisted in IP Access Rules. Is this a bug?

Nah, it’s a “feature.” It blocks stuff on my Allow list as well. So it’s clear it ignores that setting. For now, it’s an “all or nothing” feature with no way to adjust its sensitivity. I suspect it’s just an automated “bot score” Firewall Setting that I’m trying to figure out.


The weird part is that there’s no “Definitely automated” hits in this graph:

And if i turno on “Challenge” for this option, it blocks A LOT of stuff:

Most of this traffic is from Google ASN:

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 14.43.06

And to regular URLs, like single pages and AMP pages.

The Digital Ocean ASN is probably the json requests from my own application. Claro and Telefonica are probably json requests from users (content loaded via js).

I’m not confident AT ALL that this new feature is only blocking bad bots. Cleary, it’s blocking a lot of stuff it shouldn’t.

Wouldn’t the dark grey “Automated” count as definitely automated?

Maybe, but shouldn’t the numbers match, then?

933k Automated
2,59M Managed Challenge (blocked in ~12 hours)

“Likely Automated” is only available in Business++ accounts (i have a Pro)

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